• Taryn Parrish

Ollie's Baptism

On Sunday, May 20, 2018, this little man was baptized! The weather was gloomy, and the water was freezing, but that didn't stop him from declaring his love for our savior, Jesus Christ. Following some worship songs on the beach, Oliver was the first of the kids to walk out there and get dunked (#dunkedforjesus)!

Sycamore Cove Beach: Malibu, CA

There is nothing cooler than seeing your eight year little cousin give his life to Lord!

Ollie, we promise to help guide you down the path that He has for you. We will always be there for you, leading you, loving on you, and watching you as you continue to grow. We are all so proud of you!

After his baptism, we had a private little ceremony over near the rocks. Having never met his grandmother, when he found out that her ashes had been spread in the ocean, he decided that he wanted to be apart of the beach baptism so that he could be closer to her in that moment. So we released two roses (one for his grandma, and one for his Aunt Kari) along with some of his aunt's ashes into the ocean. Afterwards, he wrote the words "love you" into the sand, and watched them disappear as they were "washed away to them".

My prayer for you:

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